Avenue Communications represents a blend of Art, Culture, Design, Fashion, Luxury & Lifestyle brand identities. With client relationship management at the core of our ethos, we strive to work as an extension of in house marketing & PR teams. In turn, ensuring strengthened and aligned communication both internally and to the wider global media landscape. Brand visibility is of paramount importance and as such, we ensure our client's are perfectly presented to world leading opinion formers. 

Current Clients:
ACC Art Books / Daniel Bailey / Dr Jane Leonard / Malone Souliers Men's / NJG Studio
Peter Fetterman Gallery / Poodle & Blonde / Primury / Roker / Skinnies Sunscreen / Studio Blup / Vero 

Former Clients:
Benson & Clegg / Sassoon / Spencer Hart 


+44(0)20 3150 3726 - info@avenuecommunications.co.uk